25 May

Congratulatory message of H.E.Mr. Vladimir PUTIN on the occasion of Africa Day

To Heads of State and Government of African Countries


Dear colleagues,


Please accept my sincere greetings on the occasion of Africa Day, which symbolizes the aspirations of the countries of your continent for freedom, peace, and prosperity. This year’s holiday is of particular importance, since we are approaching the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples.

Decades ago, when many African nations were at the very beginning of their path of sovereign development, our country offered them active political support, large-scale assistance in the social and economic area, and organized training for civil and military personnel. Today, African States are Russia’s credible and promising partners that enjoy well-earned authority in the global arena and actively engage in tackling current international issues.

The Russia – Africa Summit held in Sochi last year became a major milestone in the development of Russian-African ties. The dialogue between our countries reached a new qualitative level. The Russia-Africa Partnership Forum that was established will undoubtedly contribute to enhancing multi-faceted mutually beneficial cooperation, as well as to coordinating efforts aimed at countering today’s threats and challenges, including the coronavirus pandemic, which has put our countries and peoples to a serious test.

With all my heart, I wish to you strong health, well-being and success in your state activities, as well as peace and prosperity to all your compatriots.



Vladimir Putin


Moscow, Kremlin

25 May 2020