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To submit the online application, a candidate should upload 3 documents: passport, degree certificate with transcript of marks and application form.

1) Passport (copy)

The foreign passport (not the ID-card) must be valid for at least 18 months from the date of arrival in Russia (therefore until March 2022 at least).

2) Degree certificate and transcript of marks (copies)

a) for applicants to Bachelor degree programs - copy of a school certificate with a transcript of marks;

b) for applicants to Master degree programs - copy of a Bachelor or Master degree certificate with a transcript of marks;

c) for applicants to Vocational secondary education programs - copy of a school certificate with a transcript of marks;

d) for applicants to post-graduate programs, such as PhD, Residency training or Continuing professional education - copy of an education document (not lower than a Master degree certificate). Candidates of this category should also upload a summary of their thesis in the heading «Other documents».

e) candidates who choose a probation (duration of studies is less than 10 months) should only fill in 22.2 p. of the application form (22.1 p. remains untouched). Probation programs are exercised in Russian and English and do not suppose Russian language preparatory courses.

* If a candidate has not finished his or her studies yet, he or she uploads a transcript of the last exam session in the heading «Education documents» (for students of universities) and the transcript of 2 last year studies at school (for schoolchildren).

* If a candidate has a Russian language certificate, he or she can upload it in the special heading “Documents confirming knowledge of the Russian language”.

3) Application form

For the profile to be examined, a candidate should download the application form that is done automatically after filling in the headings of the online profile. It is necessary to print it, sign and put the date. After that - scan it and upload in the "Application form" section.

* All the documents must be of excellent quality with all the information readable. Multi-page documents should be uploaded in one file.

* The candidate should download only compulsory documents. It is not necessary to download ALL THE DOCUMENTS (like birth certificate etc). In addition, a candidate can only download documents confirming special achievements in the field of specialization.

After submitting the application, a candidate await the results of the first stage of the online selection. If he or she meets all of the above-mentioned requirements, a candidate will be invited to the interview organized by the Embassy.

Medical certificates and translations are uploaded in the profile at the last moment after selection competition organized by the Embassy:

1) Overall health certificate (original)

The certificate should be made in 2020 and contain essential information confirming that a candidate does not have contraindications for studying in Russia.

2) HIV/AIDS results (original)

The screening should be done in 2020 and contain information that a candidate’s HIV test results are negative.

* For the medical certificates, it is not desirable to attach documents with excessive data (results of blood tests etc.), just the essential information.

It is also necessary to submit the documents in physical form to the Students Section of the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education of the Republic of Sierra Leone. It is advisable to submit copies of degree certificates and transcript of marks, the originals should be kept with a candidate.

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