03 February

Russian policy in support of human rights

Committed to its international human rights obligations, Russia sees its tasks as follows:

• promote human rights and freedoms throughout the world through constructive, equitable international dialogue with due account for national, cultural and historical specificities and values of each State;

• counter attempts to use human rights concepts as an instrument of political pressure and interference in the internal affairs of States;

•enhance cultural and humanitarian ties between peoples at the inter-State level;

• combat any manifestations of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, neo-Nazism, aggressive nationalism, anti-Semitism, religious and ethnic intolerance;

• insure depolitization of historical discussions;

• conduct interaction with international and non-governmental human rights organizations in strengthening universally recognized human rights standards and fostering mutual understanding and respect, strengthening moral principles in the human rights dialogue, and eradicating double standards in this area.

Position Paper